About Louisa

Louisa is an architectural and interiors photographer based in Athens. She has studied Mathematics and Information Systems in the UK and after a successful career in management consulting, she embarked on a journey of photography that was her lifelong dream. Inspired by the photography courses she attended at the International Centre of Photography (ICP) in New York, Louisa' s creativity was further enriched.

The emphasis she gives on perspective, lines, light and shapes, as well as her need to capture real moments in peoples' lives, is reflected through her work. Louisa's passion for travelling and meeting new people and cultures is a continuous influence, making her images alive, fresh and colourful.

Having undertaken many challenging assignments, she proudly holds a strong client base but, more importantly, is one of those people who can truthfully claim that has built long-term relationships through her work.

Her photographs are published in International Photography Books and Travel and Interiors Magazines in Greece and aboard.

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